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Welcome to 'Vampire Stills'. This is a graphic challenge community dedicated to Vampires in movies/TV-shows. (now mostly to Twilight & True Blood). If there is to come a new movie/show about vampires, we might add them too.
¤ You have to join this community to participate.
¤ All icons must meet LJ standards of 100x100 px and no lager then 40kb.
¤ No animations, This is a stillness community.
¤ Do not enter old icons or icons made from other artist's bases.
¤ Do not post your icons anywhere until the challenge winners have been announced.
¤ Voting will last for three/four days unless it's especially specified.
¤ Anyone can vote. You don't need to be a member of the community to do so.
¤ You can invite your friends to vote, but do not tell them which icons belong to you.
¤ Don't vote for yourself.
¤ If 3 or more icons tie in a challenge, we'll put those 3 or more up for a re-vote.
¤ A re-vote will only last one, max two days.
¤ All challanges will last for one week.
¤ Challenges posted on monday.
¤ Voting starts fridays and ends at mondays.
¤ Winnes announsed at monday nights/tuesdays.
¤ Re-votes posted at monday nights/tuesdays.
(look for specified information in each post).

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